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מסלולים ומשאבים

גרסה עברית / אנגלית
 גירסא אנגלית

Message to Israel — Download for Free

The pamphlet will be offered for FREE. It is written for English speaking Jewish persons, and another English version with Hebrew suitable for the Orthodox. An informative, fully referenced pamphlet showing Jesus Christ is/was the Messiah promised to come as prophesied in the Tanach. For those who have Jewish family, friends, or live adjacent to a Jewish community, this is a polite pamphlet to give.
Please share the pamphlet in a friendly manner — in the spirit of love and kindness.

The text is not editable, but please print as many you wish. Also note, the pamphlet is designed for folding. If you experience any problems or have any queries, please email me. 

מסלולים ומשאבים

האם מישהו חי ראה את אלוהים?
     This is a Bible analysis of  1 Timothy 6-16. Many claims have been made by Christians and non-Christians alike, providing extraordinary vocal testimony that they have seen God. This is a 7 page article.
     Does it held up against what God actually says in the Bible? Are some of these experiences mysticism? What are the implications? Has God given believers a standard to ascertain what is the truth?Download the PDF and try the evidence for yourself. Download and correspond with me.
     Let me know what you think.

דרישות מערכת לקריאת הספר: קורא PDF גרסה 11.0 או גרסה DC.  עבור לאתר הרשמי של Adobe בכתובת

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